Professional Career: Sometime truck driver, waiter, concrete contractor, pilot, sorcerer’s apprentice.

Personal Background: I come from a mid-sized middle-American city of about 300,000 people, where I still live today. Grew up poor, became prosperous, lost a bundle in the financial mess.

Physical Dimensions: Height about 6′ 1” (190cm), 200 Lb. ( about 90 Kg.)

Eyes: Hazel               Hair: Light Brown

Age-group: I’m in my mid-forties

Race: American mongrel. Part Irish, part English, part German, part French, part Czech, part Slav.

Sex: Yes.

Education: Never completed college. Self-taught, DIY, school-of-hard-knocks. A lot of self-study of Philosophy/Religion/Divinity in my forties. Life-long interest in Literature, Social-sciences. Current focus: computers, enjoying life.

Useful Personality Traits: Diligence, morals, like to try to live with as small a “footprint” as I can, and still pursue my lifestyle. I recycle. Talker, open-minded, willing to negotiate.

Special Mention: Yes, I’m an American guy: but I’ve trained myself to wash my hands many times a day. Often, I notice it sets me apart.

Smoking [Tobacco]: You can if you want. I’m not especially paranoid about so-called “second-hand smoke”. But as for myself, I’m quit since 2000. And have remained.

Smoking [Other Things]: The occasional Cannabis. Nothing more. I won’t tell if you won’t.

Drinking: It used to be kind of a “hobby”. Certain things have sort-of gotten lost this way. Little things. Like 1985, for example. I enjoy an occasional beer these days (like once in a blue moon). But the “drinkin’ days” have been over, since roughly 2005.

Animals: I like them generally. I don’t find myself in agreement with Pete Singer and PETA absolutely. But I find I am swayed by their views, generally. I am not a vegetarian, but I have tried. I will try again, when I think I can work it better…..

Personality Quirks: Always get out of bed on the same side. Am too-much “detail-oriented”.

Political: Am rather a political agnostic. I’m interested in leaders with policies that work, and which are sensible.

Tattoos: I have one of the insignia of Eddie Rickenbacker’s 94th squadron from the First World War, on my upper arm. It looks very similar to this:



Marriage: maybe someday…

Children: I managed not to “put the cart before the horse”. AFAIK.

Top Interests:

Linux Desktop operating systems, expensive automobiles, custom-built light aircraft, fashions, home décor, Literature, Humanities, romance, bicycling through wine-country, Life.

Religious Beliefs: Well, * this * ought to be a lengthy entry. But I won’t. Suffice it to say I don’t harbor any. But I have searched (and re-searched) like nobody you ever met. I was raised a Christian. Became an atheist at 17, after reading the Bible. Became a religious seeker in my thirties, after becoming a “drinker”. Became an agnostic in my forties, after having been a religious-seeker in my thirties, because I was a “drinker” in my twenties……..

Favorite Religious Book: The Tao Te Ching, a.k.a. “The Book of Five-Thousand Characters”.

Favorite Non-Religious Book: The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Runner-Up for Favorite Non-Religious Book: Billy Budd, Foretopman by Herman Melville.

I.Q. : Yes. But I don’t put much store by the results of those tests.

People I Like:

Christian Bikers. UNIX Programmers. Richard Stallman (though, in the interest of clarity, I must point-out that I find him too much an ideologue). Many blue-collar workers I know. Many professional people I know. My girlfriend Pam. My friend Tim (a c-language programmer). My friend Charles (who manages a local business). My friend Tank (an LGBT gal, whom I met on the street). Reinhold Niebahr. Amartya Sen. Professor Stone (a beloved teacher). Jacques-Louis David. Susanna Kaysen. Stephen Batchelor (Author, Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist). Fred Hampton (a leader of the Black Panthers, assassinated in1969).

People I Admire:

Maya Lin. Don Henley. John Lydon. Alexandre Dumas (Pere’). Oliver Hardy. My Mother. My Aunt Rita. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. James Farmer. Bayard Rustin. Frederick Douglass. Jesus of Nazareth. Leucippus. Johannes Keppler. Voltaire. Asoka. Da Mo Bodhidarma. Betty Friedan. Caesar Chavez. John L. Lewis. Joe Slovo. Hugo Chavez. Malcolm X (well, it’s a complicated world, isn’t it).

Special Mention: Leonard Peltier, leader of AIM (the American Indian Movement) He is * still * in a U.S. Prison, at the time of this writing.

People I wish I could have Known:

Kerouac. Ken Kesey. Neal Cassady. Butch Cassady. Lucian Carr. Tom Hayden. John Dean. Garry Trudeau. Francois Truffaut. Peter Fonda. Upton Sinclair. James Michener. Louis L’Amour. Poncho Barnes. Sarah Bernhardt.

People I Don’t Necessarily Like, but whom I find to have been Necessary:

Jacques Derrida. Michael Foucault. Rudolph Giuliani.

People I don’t like:

Meter-maids. Internet “trolls”. Haters. Ignoramuses. C.S. Lewis.

People I Can’t Stand:

Newt Gingrich. Richard Nixon. Joseph McCarthy. Eugene McCarthy. George Wallace. Frank Luntz. George McGovern (well, it’s a complicated world, isn’t it).

Addendum to People I can’t Stand:

Stalin and Beria, Chauchesku, Ho Chi Minh, Enver Hoxha, Pol Pot. Nuon Chea. If there * is * a hell, they are there.

People I can Tolerate:

Margaret Thatcher. P.J. O’Rourke. Mickey Rourke. Mickey Mouse (still official mascot for Disney, Inc.—but that wasn’t his idea).

Those Who Don’t Deserve a Category:

Tony Blair. Donald Trump. George Meany.

Those toward Whom I feel Sentimental:

Kerouac. Abbie Hoffman. Kate (in this context, a person known only to me).

Those I can Forgive:

Kerouac. Robert Blake. William Blake. Sir Walter Scott. Lucian Carr. Jerry Rubin. Ralph Nader. Miles Davis (for hating Whites—not his doing, really). Bill Clinton (with some qualification). Richard Allan Davis (despite the enormity of his crime, because I found out about the enormity of his childhood). Charles Manson (despite the enormity of his crime, because I found out about the enormity of his childhood; well, I have to qualify this one: this one is marginal). Rudolf Hesse (because I think he was mentally ill). Henry Kissinger. Robert McNamara. Charles Lindbergh. Donald Rumsfeld. Saddam Hussein (well, it’s a complicated world, isn’t it).

Those I can’t:

Nathan Leopold. Richard Loeb. George Steinbrenner (this one should be self-explanatory). Josef Mengele. Ezra Pound. The inventors of the cell-phone. Fidel. John F. Kennedy (So much potential wasted, and it effected the entire World—plus he couldn’t keep his mind off Judith Exner’s breasts long enough to make a rational decision about whether or not America should get involved in Southeast Asia). Philip Johnson (architect—this kind of junk makes the whole Human Race look * stupid *).



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